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Unity Exploration is recruiting

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I’ve determined it’s time to expand my operations with the addition of more personnel. If you’re interested in flying with me, check out the recruitment post at the Eve Online forums.


Written by Merii Kha'sen

November 16, 2009 at 12:09 am

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Someone set us up the GCC

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I had a strange experience tonight involving Global Criminal Countdown timers and 0.9 space. It did not end as you might expect.

I somehow managed to gain a global criminal countdown in 0.9 space while I waited for a target to come back to a mission.

Ship log shows the following:

03:28:44 Notify You have started trying to warp scramble Centii Loyal Savage Wreck [V-VOX]<AM>’Centii Loyal Savage Wreck'(Sanshas Small Wreck).

Next log message:

03:34:41 Notify Faint Warp Disruptor I deactivates because its target, Centii Loyal Savage Wreck, is not locked.
03:34:44 Notify Warping to Penirgman IX – Moon 3 – Ministry of Internal Order Assembly Plant prior to making docking attempt
03:35:22 Info You are a criminal and this station will not allow you to dock. The criminal timer will run out in 14 minutes and 18 seconds.

This was when I panicked and warped because I saw the red GCC timer appear. I was in a Vengeance (Amarr Assault Frigate) at the time.

Yes, you low sec hands will tell me warping to a station is not a good idea, but I’m a high sec bunny, so I don’t have the same reflexes when I see red in the upper-left corner.


Hmm, scary…




I accidentally CONCORD, I guess. Oh well. The GM response was to file a bug report, so apparently I didn’t evade CONCORD, which is a banning offense.

Written by Merii Kha'sen

November 13, 2009 at 4:31 am

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Slim Pickings

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Not much sweet loot tonight – just some delicious tears from a level 3 mission runner in a Drake.

zeno shanye > fuck you Merii Kha’sen

Oh noes!

zeno shanye > Merii Kha’sen is a thief,disgusting.He is a irritating guy

Aww, thanks.

zeno shanye > Merii Kha’sen ,Your mother is a bitch?

No, but thanks for asking.

Zeno keeps warping out, thinking the mass of cruisers and light missile batteries will hurt me. They do, actually, but shields are holding at ~50%. I finish salvaging and collect some further loot.

I get a convo request from Ni’Kuth. Expecting rage and threats, I accept. I’m pleasantly surprised instead.

Merii Kha’sen > Heya
Ni’Kuth > hiya judging from the comments in local you wouldnt be the local can flipper would ya?
Ni’Kuth > cause there is a mina geddon in v 1
Merii Kha’sen > I’m ninja salvaging, not can flipping.
Merii Kha’sen > you don’t say
Ni’Kuth > ah
Ni’Kuth > kk
Merii Kha’sen > I’m on it
Merii Kha’sen > This had better not be a trap.
Merii Kha’sen > 😛
Ni’Kuth > just giving you a heads up regardless
Ni’Kuth > shrug
Ni’Kuth > count the lasers
Merii Kha’sen > Fair nuff
Merii Kha’sen > not much a geddon can do to a frig anyway
Merii Kha’sen > psh, he doesn’t have a can out.
Merii Kha’sen > thanks!
Ni’Kuth > bleah sorry for wasting your time then, i just spotted him while warpin in/out
Merii Kha’sen > xD
Ni’Kuth > happy hunting
Merii Kha’sen > I’ll wait.

I like ninja-friends, but the geddon doesn’t pan out.

I go AFK for a few minutes, then come back and undock to this:


Awesome that he’d go to such trouble just to put those out. I did, of course, steal the single Scourge heavy missile in each one.

Written by Merii Kha'sen

November 11, 2009 at 4:16 am

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Let’s play “Spot the smacktalk trope!”

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This entry is less about the phat lewts and more about the delicious tears, which I’ve not had much of so far.

It starts with a simple sob in local as my salvagers caress a Guristas Large wreck:

Zoidus > Merii Kha’sen would have been nice if u asked 1st m8
Meryen Anais > zoids? You’re the 5th to say that to him…
Merii Kha’sen > ‘Arbalest’ Siege Missile Launcher \o/
Myk’arius > nice
Merii Kha’sen > if you don’t like it
Merii Kha’sen > target me and shoot.
Zoidus > didn’t say I didn’t like it m8 – just a bit of decency but ah well
tHeReVoLuTiOn07 > lol stop cryin carebear, i wanted to shoot you meri but you ran off

Granted, he did want to shoot me – I salvaged a bunch of tags out from under his nose while he ran to get his Sentinel electronic attack ship. I finished and warped off just as he arrived.

Khadan Berylli > If you need your KMs so badly Merii try flyin into 0.0
Khadan Berylli > It actually might work


TROPE: The only real PvP is in (or only real PvPers live in) 0.0  security space!

This is, of course, patently false, but it’s amazing how many people think that this is the case. What defines a real PvPer? I consider it anyone who shoots other players. Apparently if you live in high security space, you’re not a real PvPer, according to many people. (Most of which also want a PvP flag from my experience.)

reddragonsob > zoid ya know leaving those 2 battleships isnt going to run off salvagers right

Reddragonsob is a ninja who hangs out in Penirgman as well – we end up in the same mission a lot. Not a bad guy. He’s salvaging for a PLEX to convert his trial to a real account.

Merii Kha’sen > Leaving 2 battleships is like pissing into an ocean of piss for ninjas.

18:57:34 Combat Juggernaut Torpedo belonging to Guristas Pirates hits you, doing 3.4 damage.

Ataxio > if somebody starts salvageing my wrecks, i will immediantly stop my mission, and spend the rest of the day ruining that salvagers time on EvE

Oh really? Bold words.

Weekas Slave > and how would you do that?
reddragonsob > how do you do that?
Ataxio > if it comes to suicide ganks, np
Ataxio > i have at least 1b to spend on loss, and 4+ security status
reddragonsob > 1 salvage run pays for 5 of are ships,,,,,
Ataxio > oh i don’t care about isk
tHeReVoLuTiOn07 > why? its a waste of time, u only lose a couple million to um anyways

Apparently tHeReVoLuTiOn07 doesn’t know exactly how much I do make with this ninja gig. Poor boy.

Ataxio > don’t care
Ataxio > if some fag thinks he’s going to take my wrecks. oh man, its on
Merii Kha’sen > Ataxio, fleet me, I want some of your loot
Ataxio > oh yeah?
Merii Kha’sen > oh yeah.
Ataxio > flying  Red Gene atm. turn red prz ;p

Red Gene is a Paladin with various delightful faction modules such as a Khanid Navy Large Armor Repairer, Dark Blood resistance boosters, and other shinies.

Ataxio > you’ll have a very hard time out salvageing me anyways
Ataxio > its just unwise
Ataxio > there are far better and easier targets
Ataxio > you salvage from my wrecks w/o consent, its like aggroing concord. but it just dosen’t stop till you log

Well, I do admit, Paladins are hard to out-salvage, but that’s why I’m training Salvaging 5.

tHeReVoLuTiOn07 > its called a falcon, ur sensor strength sucks, you would die a slow and horrible death
Ataxio > in this ship? sure
Ataxio > i mainly fly recons
Merii Kha’sen > That’s cute
Ataxio > or anything else i can put my 9m in gunnery to use

TROPE ALERT: More SP in a skill = auto-win. I love it when people drag skillpoints into arguments – it’s basically just an e-peening tactic.

I actually already have him bookmarked as “ZUG-622 Paladin”, so I warp into his mission and start to chew my way through what salvage is left. I get to the last room and there he is, in his Paladiny glory. Zipping over to a wreck, I loot it, prompting:

Ataxio > loololol
Ataxio > your so luckey this isin’t low sec or 0.0
Ataxio > luls

He targets me, then a few seconds later, opens fire with Tachyon beams, missing by a mile. As soon as he does, he warps off, pre-aligned before he shot.

Ataxio > stay right here mmk
Ataxio > brb

I don’t see him again, except for when he flies by in an Amarr Navy Slicer and then immediately warps off when he sees I’m in a Crusader.

Final TROPE ALERT: “I’ll get you, but this isn’t lowsec!” Yeah. Sure. You won’t even go into lowsec, much less try to shoot me there.

I love big dumb carebears that mouth off without thinking. So much laughter is provided.

Edit: I totally am going to link all my targets to my posts from now on. The comment spam is amazing.

Ataxio > stay right here mmk
Ataxio > brb

Written by Merii Kha'sen

November 8, 2009 at 7:57 pm

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Oh, this is just too easy!

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I scanned down a cluster of battleships this morning. It appeared to be 5 people in battleships doing The Blockade. Ship wrecks were littered around haphazardly. I started the cleanup process, looting from a wreck that belonged to a battleship that was not in the same corp as the other 4. Salvaging was progressing nicely, when suddenly an Apocalypse locks me and opens fire.

The ship logs record this of the incident:

[ 2009.11.07 16:33:25 ] (notify) You successfully salvage from the Sanshas Large Wreck.
[ 2009.11.07 16:33:36 ] (notify) Aki XiX, Criminals are not welcome here.  Leave now or be destroyed.
[ 2009.11.07 16:33:36 ] (notify) Aki XiX, Criminals are not welcome here.  Leave now or be destroyed.
[ 2009.11.07 16:33:41 ] (notify) Aki XiX, Criminals are not welcome here.  Leave now or be destroyed.
[ 2009.11.07 16:33:43 ] (notify) CONCORD Police Captain has started trying to warp scramble “Aki XiX [SROSA]’Aki XiX’s Apocalypse'(Apocalypse)”
[ 2009.11.07 16:33:43 ] (notify) CONCORD Police Captain has started trying to warp scramble “Aki XiX [SROSA]’Aki XiX’s Apocalypse'(Apocalypse)”
[ 2009.11.07 16:33:43 ] (notify) CONCORD Police Captain has started trying to warp scramble “Aki XiX [SROSA]’Aki XiX’s Apocalypse'(Apocalypse)”
[ 2009.11.07 16:33:43 ] (notify) CONCORD Police Captain has started trying to warp scramble “Aki XiX [SROSA]’Aki XiX’s Apocalypse'(Apocalypse)”
[ 2009.11.07 16:33:48 ] (notify) CONCORD Police Captain has started trying to warp scramble “Aki XiX [SROSA]’Aki XiX’s Apocalypse'(Apocalypse)”
[ 2009.11.07 16:33:48 ] (notify) CONCORD Police Captain has started trying to warp scramble “Aki XiX [SROSA]’Aki XiX’s Apocalypse'(Apocalypse)”
[ 2009.11.07 16:33:59 ] (notify) Rosapetida, Criminals are not welcome here.  Leave now or be destroyed.
[ 2009.11.07 16:34:04 ] (notify) CONCORD Police Captain has started trying to warp scramble “Rosapetida [SROSA]’Fairy'(Raven)”
[ 2009.11.07 16:34:04 ] (notify) CONCORD Police Captain has started trying to warp scramble “Rosapetida [SROSA]’Fairy'(Raven)”

It appears the Raven had Armor Maintenance drones helping the Apocalypse tank. Helping him tank CONCORD was a fatal mistake. I burn toward the wreckage as fast as possible, opening the Apocalypse’s can – nothing but tech 2 items. I open the Raven’s can and find a Dread Guristas Shield Boost Amplifier and a Dread Guristas X-Large Shield Booster. With a cry of “Yoink!” I’m away, cackling as I run back to the station to dock.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any kill mails, as I couldn’t attack the 2 aggressors – my salvage ship has no offensive modules on it. I also didn’t think to swap the loot to my own can so they would think twice about taking it, so I did lose a bunch of tech 2 and top named loot. Oh well. The Dread Guristas salvage comes out to about 184M ISK once it sells, so I’m not terribly unhappy.

Written by Merii Kha'sen

November 7, 2009 at 8:23 pm

This is a delicious Raven. You must shoot it.

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I don’t want to post every kill I get on here, but this one definitely counts as special. First time I’ve gotten a faction loot drop!

I warp into the mission, chasing a Raven, and find an Enemies Abound (3 of 5) mission in progress. I burn toward a wreck and start to salvage, but the Raven pilot starts shooting at the wrecks. I loot the Port Rolette can there, snagging 10 Port Rolette Residents, which are the mission objective. I warp out as I’m taking damage, having aggroed a bunch of frigates and BSes. I drop off the objective at my station – I really don’t want to pop and have him take the goodies back.  Going back in, I find him fighting other ships and start salvaging. This time he locks me. Will he shoot? Really? Pwomise? I take a tag. He does! I warp out as fast as I can to get my Armageddon, cackling with glee all the way. As I undock, he appears in the local area, warping in to dock. Grrrrr.

I warp out to the mission again and kill a couple of cruisers to provide a wreck, then wait till the 15 minutes is gone and warp scramble the wreck, resetting the aggro timer. Very nice, the wreck has a railgun worth 2M ISK in it. I wait a bit longer. He’s still staying docked, so I chance it  and warp back to the station, docking up and dropping my loot off. I undock again and start to warp to the mission, just as he emerges. So close, but I’m already in warp. Hope he didn’t see me. I scan back at the station as I warp, landing on the mission gate and waiting. He’s still on scan. Please, please… 30 seconds later, there he is! Gotcha, after 28 minutes of hide and seek.

Scram on, web on, hardeners and DC II on. Launch Ogre IIs. Amarr Navy Multifrequency, loaded and checked. He was tanked for kinetic and thermal damage (Gallente NPCs) at last count, so this should be short, fast, and brutal. Lock resolved, opening fire.

[ 2009.11.07 03:36:26 ] (notify) You have started trying to warp scramble Outtofoul1 [SERH]’Milf'(Raven).
[ 2009.11.07 03:36:27 ] (combat) Your group of Dual Heavy Pulse Laser II places an excellent hit on Outtofoul1 [SERH]’Milf'(Raven), inflicting 1259.6 damage.

Oh, this is going to be great.

[ 2009.11.07 03:37:17 ] (combat) Caldari Navy Cataclysm Cruise Missile belonging to Outtofoul1 hits you, doing 1793.3 damage.

Ow, my shields!

[ 2009.11.07 03:38:21 ] (combat) Caldari Navy Cataclysm Cruise Missile belonging to Outtofoul1 hits you, doing 637.5 damage.

Oh, ok that’s better. I’m in armor now. My armor repair modules can keep this up all day, at this rate of fire.

[ 2009.11.07 03:38:06 ] (notify) Outtofoul1 has initiated self-destruct of their Raven, it will explode in 120 seconds.

Naughty boy. I overload my guns, but it’s not needed. He pops a few seconds later, taking 4 volleys each to chew through armor and hull, now that the shields are gone.

2009.11.07 03:38:31 is the official time of kill. I guide the massive golden shape of the Litany of Fury toward the wreck as the pod warps off. As I get in range, I dump cap boosters into my own can, simultaneously opening the wreck. 3x Caldari Navy Cruise Missile Launcher Is (40M each in Jita, 49M in Amarr), plus a mess of other Tech 2 loot. Scoop drones that he left, scoop the loot, and I’m out of there, cackling all the way to the station.

Victim: Outtofoul1
Corp: Serenity Holdings
Destroyed: Raven
Damage Taken: 53108

Finally, just for that last sweet little touch, I warp the Executioner out to what I think is the gate to salvage the wreck. It’s not the gate. It’s actually the mission room, and there’s nothing left but the 2 wrecks I popped. He had to cancel the mission and suck up the standings loss as well as the Raven loss.

Written by Merii Kha'sen

November 7, 2009 at 5:24 am

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Surprise! Armageddon!

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I’ve been trying to think of a good inaugural post for this blog, and I think I’ve hit on it. A shiny, fresh kill!

I was out ninja salvaging, as I tend to do in the evenings, thanks to Paul Clavet’s excellent inspiration. I find that it’s an excellent way to make cash with a minimum of time investment, which is extremely rare in EVE. Most things take at least an hour, but I can find a good salvage site and strip it in 15-30 minutes.

Some disappointing Guristas salvage later, I scan down an Apocalypse battleship and warp in. Score! Angel Extravaganza! Delicious Alloyed Tritanium Bars here I come! I’m happily salvaging along and checking the cans, deciding whether to take some loot or not. I don’t want to be shot at too much, but if anything good comes along, I’ll take it. I find a module worth a couple million, so decide to take the plunge and snag it. As I’m in the 3rd room already, so after I take the loot, I warp back to the station and dock. Better to be safe than sorry. I’m happy I did, because after I warp into the 4th room, the Apocalypse immediately targets me and opens fire! Unfortunately, I’m not moving very fast because I’m salvaging, plus Warrior IIs do a number on an untanked Executioner, so I pop before I can get out. Alas, the Biting Pear is destroyed, with the loss of 4 precious bars of Alloyed Tritanium. Time to go get my Armageddon.

At this point, RL intrudes, and dinner is served, with 13 minutes on my aggression timer. Nooo, my prey will slip through my grasp! Some clever IRL maneuvering later, I manage to undock at 3 minutes left, warp to the mission, and shoot a can. Success! 15 more minutes to go!

A few minutes later, I’m rocking through the gates, scanning every time I hit the next room to make sure the Apocalypse is still there. It appears to be in the last room, shooting the boss. I land 6km away from it and immediately slam on the warp disruptor and web, helped by the Spider Drones that the mission provides. That battleship isn’t going anywhere. It also isn’t lasting long either, as it’s tanked for explosive/kinetic. Dual heavy pulse lasers punch through golden armor like it was cardboard, a single feeble repair cycle spikes the armor back up 1/8th, but it’s gone in another volley. Ogre IIs swarm over the helpless battleship, blasters chewing the hull open. A moment later, it explodes in a shower of light, sparks, and loot. Success! Ending total: My loss: 1,686,798 ISK.Their loss: 283,108,286 ISK. Sounds like a good trade to me!

The killmail is here.

Best loot: 5 Mega Modulated Pulse Energy Beams, worth 7.2M ISK each. Oh, and the 30 or so Alloyed Tritanium Bars that I got, worth 186k each.

Ninja salvaging is the best job ever.

Written by Merii Kha'sen

November 6, 2009 at 5:40 am