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Surprise! Armageddon!

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I’ve been trying to think of a good inaugural post for this blog, and I think I’ve hit on it. A shiny, fresh kill!

I was out ninja salvaging, as I tend to do in the evenings, thanks to Paul Clavet’s excellent inspiration. I find that it’s an excellent way to make cash with a minimum of time investment, which is extremely rare in EVE. Most things take at least an hour, but I can find a good salvage site and strip it in 15-30 minutes.

Some disappointing Guristas salvage later, I scan down an Apocalypse battleship and warp in. Score! Angel Extravaganza! Delicious Alloyed Tritanium Bars here I come! I’m happily salvaging along and checking the cans, deciding whether to take some loot or not. I don’t want to be shot at too much, but if anything good comes along, I’ll take it. I find a module worth a couple million, so decide to take the plunge and snag it. As I’m in the 3rd room already, so after I take the loot, I warp back to the station and dock. Better to be safe than sorry. I’m happy I did, because after I warp into the 4th room, the Apocalypse immediately targets me and opens fire! Unfortunately, I’m not moving very fast because I’m salvaging, plus Warrior IIs do a number on an untanked Executioner, so I pop before I can get out. Alas, the Biting Pear is destroyed, with the loss of 4 precious bars of Alloyed Tritanium. Time to go get my Armageddon.

At this point, RL intrudes, and dinner is served, with 13 minutes on my aggression timer. Nooo, my prey will slip through my grasp! Some clever IRL maneuvering later, I manage to undock at 3 minutes left, warp to the mission, and shoot a can. Success! 15 more minutes to go!

A few minutes later, I’m rocking through the gates, scanning every time I hit the next room to make sure the Apocalypse is still there. It appears to be in the last room, shooting the boss. I land 6km away from it and immediately slam on the warp disruptor and web, helped by the Spider Drones that the mission provides. That battleship isn’t going anywhere. It also isn’t lasting long either, as it’s tanked for explosive/kinetic. Dual heavy pulse lasers punch through golden armor like it was cardboard, a single feeble repair cycle spikes the armor back up 1/8th, but it’s gone in another volley. Ogre IIs swarm over the helpless battleship, blasters chewing the hull open. A moment later, it explodes in a shower of light, sparks, and loot. Success! Ending total: My loss: 1,686,798 ISK.Their loss: 283,108,286 ISK. Sounds like a good trade to me!

The killmail is here.

Best loot: 5 Mega Modulated Pulse Energy Beams, worth 7.2M ISK each. Oh, and the 30 or so Alloyed Tritanium Bars that I got, worth 186k each.

Ninja salvaging is the best job ever.


Written by Merii Kha'sen

November 6, 2009 at 5:40 am